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Posted on: January 5, 2012 8:35 pm

Alabama v LSU - biggest game in BCS? . . .

Countdown to the BIGGEST game in BCS history

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Don't want to take the wind out of you sails, but I do not think of this National Championship game as the Biggest in BCS History . . .

Maybe it is if your an SEC Fan[atic], or an LSU or Alabama Fan[atic]. . . but I do consider my self a College Football Fan[atic], and to me this is just another Bowl game. Cool

I have enjoyed all the bowl games I have seen this year, maybe 65 to 75 percent, as I have to do some things other than watch football. lol

This year has had some particularly good matchups, like Oklahoma State v. Stanford, Oregon v. Wisconsin, Baylor v. Washington, Air Force v. Toledo, Utah State v. Ohio, La Lafayette v. San Diego State, TCU v. LA Tech, Georgia v. Michigan State, and even Michigan v. Virginia Tech. That being said, I do think the NC Game will be pretty good, but will any team be able to score a touchdown? Tongue out 

Don't forget, defense wins games, but offence keeps the viewers happy, so they don't fall asleep [or worse yet, go to another channel . . . lol.

We saw in their first meeting only field goals, and I think a lot of non football fan[atic]s will NOT watch because they will not expect this to be a very "fan active" game. [fan active means lots of points by my definition] As you will note, most of the games that I posted above had high scores by both teams, like over 21 points for each team.

And to sum it up, I would have liked to have seen Oklahoma State play LSU for a couple of reasons. . . Like, could LSU keep the scoring machine like OK ST to fewer than 1 touchdown per quarter? and could LSU put up the points equal or greater than OK ST?

Unfortunately, we will NEVER KNOW! Sealed

The computer poll average had OK ST at #2. And as we all know, the Harris Pollsters and the Coaches put Alabama at #2 by a slim margin.

With that being said, the BCS that was formed to have a unified National Champion by using computers has been ineffective, as we see the partisanship of the Coaches and Harris pollsters have nullified the very reason we have added the computers to the equasion.  Yell

I like the Computers best because they have NO BIAS. . . people do!

And if the computers were the sole judge, we would have seen OK ST play LSU.  Wink
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