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Posted on: November 14, 2010 10:53 pm

BCS Computers? SEC owned? Really!

BCS Computers? SEC owned? Really!

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1- Some of the computers DO have a built in bias with the start of their formulas. A few use the ending polls from last season and 1 or 2 use the preseason polls in their formula. I believe that Colley's Computer poll does not use either of these methods in his start up of the computer polls.

2- There IS some favortism by the Coaches polls and maybe even some in the AP polls, and only GOD knows if the Harris Pollsters even know what a football is.

3- A plus one you want? And then after that will you be satisfied? I think not. This would only accomadate the top four selected teams by partisan votes.

4- I have proposed the best way to satisfy most of the concerns is to have teams of perceived equal pairity play one another. #1 host #2, #3 host #4, #5 host #6, etc. all the way to #119 hosting #120, if it serves the purpose, or at least as many teams playing as there are Bowl Berths. I have proposed this to be the 12th game of the season. All teams schedule 11 games and leave the 12th spot open to wait and see WHO they will play, and who will host. These are the games we could have never had the forsightedness to have scheduled. These would also allow Titan to battle Titan, and let the teams play the games.

I have described this plan of action many times on this board, and have posted more descriptions on my profile page blogs here at CBS Sportsline, and I also have more details in my book, December Dream . . .Qualifying for the Final BCS Rankings

Yes you can argue why should #1 risk playing #2 for the pre-bowl qualifier, when they are #1 already, but the point is they are PERCEIVED to be #1 by the humans and the computers, at least most of the time, except for the 2003 BCS where the AP [still part of the BCS formula at this time] and Coaches had So. Cal #1, LSU #2, and Oklahoma #3, while the BCS rankings had Oklahoma #1, LSU #2 and So. Cal #3. All three teams were undefeated in this 3 way record tie. And that was also the last SPLIT DECISION where the BCS National Champion was LSU, while the Associated Press picked So. Cal as the National Champion.

My proposed plan WILL let Boise State, and TCU earn their way into the National Championship final game, and will unseat any team that is overrated. At the end of the 12th game we will have a better idea who is better than whom. The top 10 teams will all have better computer ranings due to the fact that they have beaten a highly ranked team, and the losers will not be so displaced by losing to a higher ranked team. A #3 team that loses may fall to a #7 or #8 position, but still get into a BCS Bowl.

Let's face it, it is all about the money and the 5 BCS Bowls all pay the same. In my eyes, there are 10 winners going to Bowls, and the pay is the same. We might also consider elimination of Automatic Qualifiers if they don't win this 12th game, but that's another issue.

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