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Posted on: January 30, 2010 4:12 pm
Edited on: August 15, 2010 12:58 pm

December Dream . . . [logistics, format]

I have set up the format to have all 11 games completed, and or Conference Championships completed by Thanksgiving weekend. Then we see the BCS rankings. Then in the nex 10 to 14 days, the playoff begins. Realistically, I think the number of Bowl berths are how many teams should be playing a 12th game. Those teams above the number of Bowl berts available most likely have less than a 6 win record, so maybe they don't play a 12th game that year. . . or not. That is not for me to decide.

The logistics are set that #1 hosts #2, #3 hosts #4, etc. In a some cases there may be a very few repeating games. And I have even suggested a revision of the current broadcasting rights, and a special broadcasting contract that could assist in the transporting of teams to their designated game for this 12th unscheduled regular season game. All the home teams would have to have an understanding of the gate split, or other consideration for the visiting team. Whatever is typical with a visiting team with no replay in the contract. Same with the ticket distribution. These are details that would have to be worked out by all 120 teams in Division I CF. I am not saying this is an easy plan, but it could be a viable plan with ALL schools participation, just like the BCS had to be agreeable by the Six conferences, but this will take all 11 conferences and the independents participation.

Last year, one of the computer pollsters still picked Utah as their Number One. Utah was ranked #6. In my scenario, Utah would have traveled to Southern California. If they would have decisively beaten Southern California, They may have jumped up high enough to be in the National Championship game, being the highest ranked undefeated team. Don't forget, two thirds of the BCS rankings are from human pollsters, and they are very subjective, and when it comes to their votes, we have seen in the past, they can be lobbied, like Mack Brown of Texas in 2004 and Urban Meyer of Florida in 2006.

It is true, many teams will make the cut to stay in the reach of the BCS Bowls, which are the highest paying Bowls, and that's what this is really all about, THE MONEY! A few teams will drop out of the top 10, and maybe even a few Conference Champions among them, so be it. I find it refreshing this year that all of the top 10 teams ranked in the BCS played in the BCS Bowls. This is the first time since the BCS started that that has happened. With the implementation of my Qualifying Round, it should remain that the Top Ten of the BCS Rankings should be in the BCS Bowls.

I have also set a proposed schedule of the 12th game to start on a Wednesday and end on a Saturday. On Sunday, the Final Rankings will be set, and the Bowl Games will be announced. This puts us at about December 10 or 12, somewhere in that date range, depending on the calander. Most teams do not know where they are going for a Bowl, usually by the 6th or 7th of December anyways, so this is just a few more days past this time.

As for the most current BCS Poll we would have seen Cincinnati hosting TCU and Florida hosting Boise State. If Boise would have had a decisive victory over Florida, and Cincinnati just bearly beating a TCU team, don't you think we just might have had enough human pollsters think that Boise State would have earned the right to be in the National Championship Game? Boise would have been undefeated. . . The human pollsters have had an effect on the rankings before, and will continue having an effect on the rankins in the future. And don't forget, the rankings have teams that are perceived to be teams of equal strength.

The real benefits of my proposed plan is to defeat one argument that is futile. . . "well who did they play?" This plan will let them play the game! Another argument is, "so they played that 'cup-cake' team". Now they may not have room to play Podunk academy for girls and boys. Do your reading, and check out what non-related others have said about my plan at www.bbotw.com December Dream . . . it is MY dream.  Don't be so hasty to dismiss it. Think about it. It is different. And it is not a bracket playoff. And there are more details in the book. And so many have stated, there is no need for a playoff because the season IS the playoff. My plan just qualifies the contenders from the pretenders.
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